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Predicting Pancreatic Cancer in the UK Biobank Cohort using Polygenic Risk Scores and Diabetes Mellitus

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An association between diabetes mellitus (DM), especially, new-onset DM (NODM), and pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is known; others have constructed polygenic risk scores (PRS) related to PDAC risk. An independent cohort was used to compare the performance of these PRS in order to ascertain whether they can distinguish between NODM and long standing DM (LSDM) patients suffering from PDAC.
  • The UK Biobank was used to select cases (1,042) and matched cancer free controls (10,420).

  • Experts calculated five PRS models utilizing single nucleotide polymorphisms from prior studies (Nakatochi, Galeotti, Molina, Jia and Rashkin) and a combination of these.

  • The highest AUC (area under the curve) (0.605) was yielded by the combined PRS model, which also significantly improved a clinical risk model in this cohort (AUC=0.83).        Read more . . . 

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