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Homogeneous antibody and CAR-T Cells with Improved Effector Functions Targeting SSEA-4 Glycan on Pancreatic Cancer

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Pancreatic cancer treatments remain challenging due to late diagnosis and intrinsic resistance to conventional treatments. In this study, we demonstrate the use of the homogeneous SSEA-4 antibody and CAR-T cells for effective treatment in pancreatic cancer and suggest that targeting SSEA-4 has the potential to treat pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is usually asymptomatic in the early stages; the 5-y survival rate is around 9%; and there is a lack of effective treatment. Here we show that SSEA-4 is more expressed in all pancreatic cancer cell lines examined but not detectable in normal pancreatic cells; and high expression of SSEA-4 or the key enzymes B3GALT5 + ST3GAL2 associated with SSEA-4 biosynthesis significantly lowers the overall survival rate. Read more . . . 

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