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Individuals With Pathogenic ATM Variant Have an Increased Lifetime Risk of Developing Pancreatic Cancer

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Individuals with a germline pathogenic ATM variant appear to have an increased lifetime risk of developing pancreatic cancer compared with those without the variant, according to findings from a multicohort study of pancreatic cancer family registries published in JAMA Oncology.

Pancreatic cancer cumulative risk for individuals with the germline pathogenic ATM variant was estimated by age increased from 0.08% (95% CI, 0.07%-0.09%) at 30 years to 0.30% (95% CI, 0.25%-0.36%) at 40 years, 1.08% (95% CI, 0.83%-1.33%) at 50 years, 3.03% (95% CI, 2.12%-3.94%) at 60 years, 6.28% (95% CI, 3.90%-8.66%) at 70 years, and 9.53% (95% CI, 5.04%-14.02%) at 80 years.“These findings underscore the need to develop appropriate surveillance and intervention strategies for these individuals at high-risk of developing pancreatic cancer,” the investigators wrote. Read more . . . 

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