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Neoadjuvant Selicrelumab, an Agonist CD40 Antibody, Induces Changes in the Tumor Microenvironment in Patients with Resectable Pancreatic Cancer

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CD40 activation is a novel clinical opportunity for cancer immunotherapy. Despite numerous active clinical trials with agonistic CD40 monoclonal antibodies (mAb), biological effects and treatment-related modulation of the tumor microenvironment (TME) remain poorly understood.

Here, we performed a neoadjuvant clinical trial of agonistic CD40 mAb (selicrelumab) administered intravenously with or without chemotherapy to 16 patients with resectable pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) before surgery followed by adjuvant chemotherapy and CD40 mAb. Read more . . . 

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