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Early Tumor Shrinkage Improves Survival in Pancreatic Cancer

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For patients with recurrent and metastatic pancreatic cancer who received chemotherapy as a first-line treatment, early tumor shrinkage correlated with an improved rate of progression-free survival and overall survival.

“Despite the availability of various types of treatment regimens for advanced pancreatic cancer (PC), there is a lack of factors that define the precocity or depth of tumor regression and can reliably anticipate prognosis as the first-line of therapy. Early tumor shrinkage (ETS) implies a depletion ( 20%) in tumor burden. … Depth of response (DpR) is classified as the largest decrease in the tumor size,” Xiaojuan Yang, Sichuan University, and colleagues wrote in BMC Gastroenterology. “The prognostic potential of DpR and ETS in advanced PC patients who received chemotherapy as the first-line therapy is not completely understood, and thus, it is unclear whether the prognostic potential is independent of treatment administration.” Read more . . . 

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