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TIMP1 Triggers Neutrophil Extracellular Trap Formation in Pancreatic Cancer

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Tumor-derived protein tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-1 (TIMP1) correlates with poor prognosis in many cancers, including highly lethal pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). The noncanonical signaling activity of TIMP1 is emerging as one basis for its contribution to cancer progression. However, TIMP1–triggered progression-related biological processes are largely unknown. Formation of neutrophil extracellular traps (NET) in the tumor microenvironment is known to drive progression of PDAC, but factors or molecular mechanisms initiating NET formation in PDAC remain elusive.

In this study, gene-set enrichment analysis of a human PDAC proteome dataset revealed that TIMP1 protein expression most prominently correlates with neutrophil activation in patient-derived tumor tissues. TIMP1 directly triggered formation of NETs in primary human neutrophils, which was dependent on the interaction of TIMP1 with its receptor CD63 and subsequent ERK signaling. Read more . . . 

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