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Municipality and Adjusted Gross Income Influence Outcome of Patients Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in a Newly Developed Cancer Center in Mercer County New Jersey, USA, a Single Center Study

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Socioeconomic status (SES) correlates directly to ZIP code. Mercer County is not atypical as a collection of a dozen municipalities with a suburban/metropolitan population of 370,430 in the immediate vicinity of a major medical center. The purpose of this study for Mercer County, New Jersey, USA is to determine whether a patient’s ZIP code is related to the outlook of pancreatic cancer defined as staging at diagnosis, prevalence, overall survival, type of insurance, and recurrence.

Our hypothesis was that specific variables such as socio-economic status or race could be linked to the outcome of patients with pancreatic cancer. We interrogated a convenience sample from our cancer center registry and obtained 479 subjects diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 1998-2018. We selected 339 subjects by ZIP code, representing the plurality of the cases in our catchment area. Read more . . .

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