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Characterization of Initial Key Steps of IL-17 Receptor B Oncogenic Signaling for Targeted Therapy of Pancreatic Cancer

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Tumor cells exploit signaling pathways involved in cell survival, proliferation, and migration to promote tumor growth and metastasis. Here, Wu et al. investigated one such pathway, interleukin-17 receptor B (IL-17RB) signaling, in the context of pancreatic cancer.

The authors found that IL-17RB signaling in human pancreatic cancer specimens was associated with poorer outcomes, but signaling could be blocked in vitro using a peptide derived from the loop region of IL-17B, the ligand for IL-17RB. Further, IL-17B loop peptide treatment controlled tumor burden and extended survival in two mouse models of pancreatic cancer. These findings suggest that IL-17B loop peptide may be a therapeutic option for pancreatic cancer. Read more . . . 

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