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Effectiveness of Adjuvant Therapy in Patients with Pancreatic Cancer Who Underwent Neoadjuvant Therapy

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Neoadjuvant therapy (NAT) is used to treat not only advanced pancreatic cancer but also resectable lesions. The present study investigated the effectiveness of postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy for patients with pancreatic cancer who underwent surgical resection after NAT.

Patients who underwent macroscopically curative resection after NAT for pancreatic cancer were enrolled. Adjuvant chemotherapy was defined as at least 1 cycle of planned chemotherapy within 3 months after the date of surgery and included S-1, gemcitabine, or both. We retrospectively examined the effect of adjuvant chemotherapy on overall survival (OS) and recurrence-free survival (RFS) as a function of patients’ clinicopathological factors. Read more . . .

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