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Patient-Derived Organoids Show Promise for Personalized Therapy in Pancreatic Cancer

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Patient-derived organoids (PDOs) may possess the potential to personalize therapy and allow for the exclusion of ineffective drugs from combination regimens, reducing toxicity in patients with pancreatic cancer, according to preliminary results from the HOPE trial.1 As such, it is anticipated that this approach will be explored in future clinical trials to prospectively inform treatment selection for this patient population, according to Manuel Hidalgo Medina, MD, PhD.

In the trial, investigators generated PDOs from patients with pancreatic cancer under real-world conditions to evaluate drug sensitivity against PDOs and correlate these data with clinical outcomes. At the data cutoff, which was January 2020, a total of 76 patients with all stages of the disease were enrolled on the trial. Drug testing was successfully performed on PDOs generated from 12 of these subjects. The success of obtaining sufficient cells for generation depended on factors such as modality, body part, and tumor cellularity. Read more . . . 

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