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Associations Between Metabolites and Pancreatic Cancer Risk in a Large Prospective Epidemiological Study

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Researchers sought to determine the association of prediagnostic metabolites with incident pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). In a nested case-control study of male smokers (372 matched case-control sets) and an independent nested case-control study that involved women and non-smokers (107 matched sets), they conducted an untargeted analysis of 554 known metabolites measured in prediagnostic serum (up to 24 years) to define their relationship with incident PDAC.

The outcomes revealed a significant association of 31 metabolites with PDAC at a false discovery rate < 0.05 with 12 metabolites below the Bonferroni-corrected threshold (p < 9.04×10–5). Read more . . . 

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