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EGLN Inhibitor Protects Normal Tissue and Enables RT in Mouse Model of Pancreatic Cancer

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Administration of the EGLN inhibitor FG-4592 prior to ablative radiotherapy provided protection against fatal gastrointestinal bleeding and improved survival in a mouse model of unresectable pancreatic cancer. 

Surgery is required for the curative treatment of pancreatic cancer, yet the majority of patients with this disease have unresectable tumors, said Cullen Taniguchi, MD, PhD. While radiation therapy may be a future alternative to surgery in this patient population, the required dose of radiation to effectively treat the disease can damage the neighboring organs, which can lead to gastrointestinal bleeding and even death, he explained. “This study was conducted to understand if it was possible to protect the bowels from radiation damage in order to give enough radiation to effectively treat unresectable pancreatic cancer,” he said. Read more . . .

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