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Application of Preoperative Three-Dimensional Model Design in Radioactive Particle Implantation for Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

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Pancreatic cancer is a malignant tumor with extremely high malignancy in the digestive tract, which has very poor prognosis.

It ranks fourth among the causes of global cancer deaths.1,2 Surgical radical resection is the only cure for pancreatic cancer. However, only 5%–20% of the patients can receive radical resection.3 A 20-year national survey of pancreatic cancer in Japan revealed that the 5-year survival rate was 13.4% for patients undergoing surgical resection, and 0.8% and 0% for patients undergoing palliative and nonoperative treatments, respectively.

For patients with pancreatic cancer who could not undergo radical resection, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are the only strategies that could prolong survival time. Read more . . .

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