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miR-301a Plays a Pivotal Role in Hypoxia-Induced Gemcitabine Resistance in Pancreatic Cancer

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Hypoxia is a hallmark of pancreatic cancer (PC) and is associated with gemcitabine resistance. However, the mechanisms underlying hypoxia-induced gemcitabine resistance in PC remain greatly unknown. Our previous work showed that miR-301a, a hypoxia-sensitive miRNA, is involved in PC metastasis under hypoxia via regulation of its target gene P63.

Here, we showed that miR-301a was upregulated in a NF-κB independent manner and promoted gemcitabine resistance under hypoxic conditions in vitro. In addition, TAp63, a member of the P63 family, reversed hypoxia-induced gemcitabine resistance by promoting degradation of HIF-1α.  Read more . . .

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