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Targeting Pancreatic Cancer with a New Therapy

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Jack Benny, Sally Ride, Steve Jobs, Margaret Mead, M. Scott Peck and Patrick Swayze have something in common: all were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, an extremely fast-growing disease that often gives little warning until it is too late.

Researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center have identified a new therapeutic target that may offer new hope for treating this disease.

Currently, chemotherapy is the primary treatment for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), the most lethal form of pancreatic cancer -one with less than a five percent survival rate after a year. Although researchers don’t know much about the molecular processes that determine tumor growth in PDAC cases, they do know that mutation in a gene called KRAS, which is involved in the regulation of cell division, is prominent in PDAC. Read more . . .

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