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ClearLight Diagnostics and the OHSU Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine Collaborate to Define Tumor Microenvironment in Pancreatic Cancer

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ClearLight Diagnostics, LLC (ClearLight), a developer of next generation tissue processing and 3D imaging platforms, announced today that it has signed a collaboration agreement with the Oregon Health & Science University Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine (OCSSB) to study the tumor microenvironment in patients with cancer.

Working with researchers at OCSSB, ClearLight will utilize proprietary methods for tissue processing and 3D light-sheet microscopy, to develop biomarkers to map key aspects of the microenvironment of human pancreatic cancer.  Stromal-immune interactions are poorly defined in malignancies, due to the loss of 3D spatial information by standard 2D immunohistochemistry methods. Pancreatic tumors are an excellent model for this study because they characteristically exhibit a reactive stroma and strong immune infiltration and yet have poor clinical outcomes.  Recent discoveries in pancreatic cancer drug development have elevated the importance of precisely defining this microenvironment to develop therapies and diagnostics that are more predictive of clinical outcome.  Currently available technologies have limited capability to spatially characterize tumor microenvironments. Read more . . .

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