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Pancreatic Cancer: What to Know About Symptoms and Treatments

Dr. Allyson Ocean
Dr. Allyson Ocean, Chair of the Let’s Win Scientific Advisory Board, shares information about pancreatic cancer in an article for NewYork-Presbyterian’s Health Matters newsletter.

In “Pancreatic Cancer: What to Know About Symptoms and Treatments” Dr. Ocean provides basic facts about pancreatic cancer, including symptoms and treatment options, and information available on Let’s Win.

That was the crux of why one of my patients and I developed an organization called Let’s Win! Pancreatic Cancer. Several years ago, I was treating Anne Glauber, an executive in the public relations field who was told that she had stage 4 pancreatic cancer and that there was nothing that could help her. She said, “We have to give patients a message of hope because there is hope here.” So we created an information platform for pancreatic cancer that connects patients to doctors and researchers in real time. (Anne passed away in 2017, more than three years after her diagnosis.)

Importantly, Let’s Win! Pancreatic Cancer has partnered with the Elvin Howard, Sr. Pancreatic Cancer Advocacy Foundation, based in Louisiana, to try to bridge racial disparities and get the word out to African Americans that they need to be aware of the disease, that they’re at higher risk, and that they should consider participating in clinical trials.

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