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My goal is to help define a new role for business in a rapidly changing global environment, and seek to build bridges between corporations and the public, pioneering the very concept of corporate responsibility. This understanding was embedded in me from an early age, having seen my father David Finn bring to all of his work a commitment to contribute to the public good.  Much has changed since those early days. Today, the need for communications is greater than ever, as is the need for business to assume leadership in addressing critical social, economic and environmental problems. I believe business can be at the forefront of these issues, leading change.

Many years ago I began to work on projects for the United Nations, projects that engaged me in some of the most critical issues facing the world community—conflicts in various parts of the world, climate change, environment, gender balance, etc.  It was during this period that I felt called to contribute in a more direct way to addressing some of these issues.

Ten years ago, I founded an NGO—the Global Peace Initiative of Women—through which I could apply my communications skills more specifically to peace building around the world. Over the last few years my work has enabled me to organize forums where key decisions are being made—the United Nations Climate Change Conferences in Copenhagen in 2009 and in Cancun in 2010, during the meetings of the G20 in Seoul in 2010 and in Cannes in 2011. These forums have been an effort to engage civil society more deeply in seeking solutions to critical global challenges. We have also been able to organize peace-building dialogue with Palestinians and Israelis, Pakistanis and Indians, with Iraqis, Afghans and Sudanese, and most recently with Egyptians. Communications is at the core of so many global problems, which depend for their resolution on how well we can listen, see through the eyes of the other and find middle ground. The innovative, problem solving skills we bring to the corporate world are the very resources that can help us address the critical issues facing our society.

My commitment is to work with clients so that we can collectively shape the future.

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